Drip Irrigation and Bubbler Supplies

Drip irrigation systems are the most water-efficient method of irrigation since water is delivered at or near the root of plants and there is less chance of water run-off than with sprinkler irrigation systems. At Sierra Irrigation, we supply a wide range of drip irrigation products from top brands in the industry to provide you with an array of choices to meet all of your irrigation needs.

Drip irrigation allows water to drip slowly to the root system of a plant. The drip can be directed to the soil surface or to the root zone. This latter process is done through a system of emitters, pipes, narrow tubing, and valves that direct water to the base of a plant or plants.

Compare to other irrigation system types, when a drip system is properly installed, it can help in the effort of water conservation. It does this by lowering water evaporation and drainage.

An emitter is also refered to as a dripper and is utilized to move water from a pipe or a tube to the irrigation area.  The typical emitter flow rates are from 0.16 to 4.0 U.S. gallons per hour (GPH) (0.6 to 16 L/h).

Another feature of the drip system is the emitting pipe. These pipes or tubes have emitters pre-installed within the factory. They are designed and manufactured with a specific distance and flow per hour engineered into them. In most emmiters, water flow will vary with the pressure. Some emmiters are designed to compensate for variances in water pressure and are referred to as pressure compensating emmiters.

• Conservation of water is a big feature of a drip irrigation system as it directly targets a plants root zone area
• The low flow rate can allow irrigation of a larger area and more plants can be watered at the same time
• Plants will experience less stress from a variation in soil moisture
• The slow irrigation rate will prevent an excess of water build-up on the surface
• A drip irrigation system is extremely flexible. It can be designed for any type of soil condition and different kinds of terrains

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