PVC & Poly Fittings (Funny Pipe)

PVC is a vinyl polymer that is designed to weather water and dirt and not deteriorate and rust like metal. A PVC fitting is a type of irrigation fittings used to attach polyethylene driplines and pipes with control valves snugly and securely. At Sierra Irrigation, we supply tube fittings, plastic pipe fittings, and valve fittings for your drip irrigation or sprinkler system. We carry the following PVC fitting products:

• Adapters
• Bushings
• Caps & Plugs
• Couplings
• Elbows
• Slip Ball Valves
• Tees

Poly Fittings (Funny Pipe) are quick fittings to adapt to polythylene irrigation tubes. There are couplings, elbows, connectors and other adapters for Poly usage. These are usually used for quick repairs and drip systems.

When purchasing fittings for your drip irrigation or sprinkler irrigation system, be sure they are the right size. Using irrigation fittings made for a different size tube will often result in the tube blowing out of the fitting! Our professionals at Sierra Irrigation will advise you on the best size fittings to connect your tubes, PVC pipes, plastic pipes, and control valves.


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) was discovered as early as 1835 when vinyl chloride (C2H3CL) was exposed to sunlight. The first recognized report of the polymerization of vinyl chloride came in 1870. It was defined as an off-white solid that could be heated to 130°C without degradation. In 1912, scientists in Germany were the first to industrialize the development in PVC.

By 1932, PVC tubing was being produced. The pipes were suitable for drinking water supply piping, and waste water piping due to their chemical resistance, lack of taste or odor, and the smooth interior surface. With the advancements of manufacturing processes over the years, PVC has developed to its current state of being an extremely reliable choice for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

The chemical structure of PVC allows it to mix easily with different substances. Its qualities can be considered in products that include elasticity, fire retarding, flexibility, and impact resistance. Because of its chemical resistance, it is an excellent choice for many industrial applications. It can be made into just about any color. Common colors and uses in water include:

• Blue – Water mains
• Green – Forcemain & sanitary sewer
• Purple – Reclaimed water main
• White – All applications

Instead of being glued, funny pipe is attached on barbed fittings and, depending on the job at hand, may be clamped into place. It is mainly used to connect a sprinkler head to a lateral line, usually PVC, through a swing joint. A swing joint is made with ~one foot of PE pipe with barbed spiral fittings at the end, so it can thread into a threaded PVC fitting and a sprinkler head.

The swing joint, being flexible, can prevent pipe and a sprinkler head from breaking under various conditions; for example, mowing a lawn. A sprinkler head attached to a hard riser might break. The pipe may also become damaged.