Spray Nozzles


Sierra Irritation offers Rain Bird and Hunter spray heads and nozzles more often than all other brands combined.
The reason is a proven track record of performance that spans decades. We trust these brands for reliability and durability. Contact a Sierra Irrigation Specialist to find out what spray nozzle is best suited for your needs.

Sprinkler nozzles, also referred to as spray nozzles, are an important, component of well-designed irrigation systems. The proper nozzle ensures accurate, even delivery of water in the pattern you need. Hunter offers an assortment of nozzle options for any lawn sprinkler system including adjustable, fixed, specialty nozzles, and revolutionary MP Rotator nozzles.

Whether dealing with hillside topography, a curved flowerbed, or other landscape installations, challenging angles demand nozzles that adjust to their surroundings. Hunter nozzles cover any angle needed on any landscape with the accuracy of a fixed nozzle.

Our Pro Adjustable Nozzles are engineered to emit larger than average water droplets These nozzles are reliable, accurate, and fully adjustable to any angle from 0° to 360°. They are available in seven models that cover distances from 4′ to 17′ using recommended pressure. For easy inventory and field ID, models are color-coded based on throw distance.

Relax with the knowledge your landscape is being watered by our reliable nozzles. MPR series nozzles features industry-leading Rain Curtain technology.

The larger water droplets produced by Rain Curtain technology mitigate misting and airborne evaporation so the right amount of water is delivered to the right place, saving you water and money. Gentle close-in watering eliminates dry spots around the rotor, prevents seed washout and allows the turf to grow healthy with no matting or bending.