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  • 4 GPH Flag Emitter 4 GPH Flag Emitter

    4 GPH Flag Emitter

    The commercial greade 4 GPH Flag Emitter is ideal for short runs and non-sloped areas. It can function over a wide range of pressures. It will provide a consistent and even flow irrigation regardless of fluctuation due to variations in landscape grade and surfaces. A barbed inlet allows installation directly onto polyethylene hose or with ¼” (6 mm) leader tubing. It features a large open flow path for resistance to plugging. The 4 GPH Flag Emitter has a convenient take-apart feature that allows fast and simple field inspection. This emitter is also designed for individual watering of trees and shrubs. The 4 GPH Flag Emitter is resistant to clogging and, due to its design, is very easy to install.

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  • FX Luminaire DE Down Light FX Luminaire DE LED Down Light – Blow Out

    FX Luminaire DE LED Down Light, for the Appearance of Natural Light

    The FX Luminaire DE LED Down Light down light was built to help designers create the appearance of natural light in complicated areas. It has an array of water protection features to ensure long life.

    The DE includes 6LED, Bronze Metallic Finish.

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  • NP Up Light FX Luminaire NP LED Up Light – Blow Out

    FX Luminaire NP LED Up Light, The Most Versatile LED UP Light

    The FX Luminaire NP LED Up Light is engineered to accommodate all aspects of your up-lighting needs.

    By coupling the proper light intensity with one of the provided color filters, your designer can fine tune the NP to beautifully enhance every landscape feature.

    The NP includes 6 LED, Bronze Metallic Finish, 4 ft lead wire and a Super Slot Spike.

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  • Sale!Hunter PSU-02-17A Hunter PSU-02-10A

    $4.65 $2.17

    Hunter PSU-02-10A, Fast, precise set-up. It adjusts easily to fit unique landscapes

    The Hunter PSU-02-10A is one sprinkler that offers hundreds of solutions. Here’s the one sprinkler to carry when you want to carry just one. With its adjustable arc that creates arc patterns from 1 to 360 degrees, you’ll find there’s no need to stock hundreds of odd-pattern nozzles. Simply select and set the exact arc you need with the easy-to-use Hunter adjustment wrench, and you’ll keep water precisely where you want it and off buildings and hardscapes. No other spray sprinkler with a single nozzle is this versatile! Or as dirt tolerant-the factory-installed extra-large filter screen traps the maximum amount of debris without interrupting flow and is easily removed for cleaning. Fast and easy to set up, the Hunter PSU-02-10A is designed to fit your budget as effortlessly as it fits your landscape.


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