Impact Sprinklers

Impact  Sprinklers

Sierra Irrigation offers Rain Bird impact sprinklers for any application.  Materials include brass, stainless steel and plastic.

Impact sprinklers come in a variety of models that give partial or full-circle models.


  • Sale!Rain Bird 2045-PJ Maxi-Bird Rain Bird 2045-PJ Maxi-Bird

    $12.95 $10.60

    Rain Bird 2045-PJ Maxi-Bird, Impact Pop-up Sprinkler, Part/Full Circle

    The Rain Bird 2045-PJ Maxi-Bird is designed for a variety of uses where full circle sprinklers should not overthrow water into a restricted area. The body, arm, bearing sleeve and nipple are made of durable Delrin™ plastic.

    The 2045-PJ has a double-weighted arm for slower rotation and increased distance of throw. For performance in dirty water, the 2045-PJ has straight-through flow. It aalso features an adjustable arm spring for low-pressure and low-gallonage operation. The precision Jet tube (PJ™) minimizes side splash. No tools are required to change your nozzles. The FP trip permits full or part-circle operation (20° to 340°).

    2045-PJ Maxi-Bird Spec Sheet

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  • Sale!Rain Bird 2045A Maxi-Paw Rain Bird 2045A Maxi-Paw

    $21.55 $14.22

    Rain Bird 2045A Maxi-Paw Impact Rotor Pop-up Sprinkler, Part/Full-Circle

    The Rain Bird 2045A Maxi-Paw has a powerful throw and permits maximum spacing. It offers the best close-in watering and even water distribution.  Low pressure loss, an efficient, flow design conserve energy. This makes the Rain Bird 2045A Maxi-Paw ideal for dirty water applications.

    The optional Seal-A-Matic™ prevents run-off, puddling, and erosion caused by low head drainage. And most important, it’s rugged and dependable. It will pop up on schedule again and again because of the multi-function wiper seal. The Rain Bird 2045A Maxi-Paw Rotor is a tradition of excellence.

    2045A- Maxi-Paw Spec Sheet

    Rain Bird Warranty

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