How  does using an irrigation backflow device protect your home from contamination and pollution? By preventing the water from reversing its flow and siphoning back into the potable water system. In many areas, rpz backflow preventers are required by the City to protect the area water quality.

In addition to purchasing a reduced-pressure assembly or pressure vacuum breaker assembly, you will need a line of copper pipe. However, PVC pipe for backflow preventers can be used in non-freezing areas as a line into the main water supply. At Sierra Irrigation, our experienced staff can advise you on the steps to take when performing an irrigation backflow preventer install. Contact our irrigation specialists for Champion, Wilkins, and Febco backflow preventers to get your sprinkler system up to code today!

Anti Siphon Vacuum Breakers, Pressure Vacuum Breakers, and Double Check Assemblies

Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly-420-1

Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly-420-1″

Protection of water supplies is absolutely essential in the protection of public health. Backflow can contaminate precious water supplies. This can happen with a sudden drop in pressure draws dirty water back into the main water supply. Anti siphon, and pressure vacuum breakers are designed to prevent this backflow. They act as a one-way check valve in case the mainline pressure drops due if the mainline freezes or bursts. A vacuum breaker’s check valve will open and dump the water before it can enter a clean water source.

A double check assembly, is a device that is designed to protect clean water sources from backflow of dirty or contaminated water.  These devices have two check valves that are assembled in series. These valves are best used for back pressure and back siphone prevention. These devices are not designed for industrial or possible toxic fluid contamination.  Use double check assemblies for irrigation of lawns, and fire sprinkler systems.

Reduced Pressure Assemblies

Febco Small Footprint Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly-2

Febco Small Footprint Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly-2″

A reduced pressure assembly is designed to prevent backflow of toxic fluid and/or dirty water caused by backpressure or backsiphonage in water systems for chemical plants, industrial plants, hospitals, morgues, and mortuaries. They are used also in boiler feeds, irrigation systems, and other installations requiring extremely high mechanical protection of water systems and supplies. Reduced pressure backflow assemblies incorporate tow independently functioning spring-loaded check valves that are separated by a spring-loaded differential pressure relief valve, two seated shutoff valves and four test cocks.

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