For young plants and trees to thrive, they must receive adequate irrigation and a steady exchange of oxygen across all levels of the root zone.

This encourages roots to grow deep and remain safely below ground, allowing plants to become strong and fully established. Developed to meet this challenge, the Root Zone Watering System features Hunter’s patented StrataRoot™ design, a series of internal baffles that direct water,oxygen, and nutrients to the root zone and provide rigidity to the irrigation cylinder for added durability.

The RZWS comes pre-assembled for easy installation, and the enclosed design and grate protect irrigation hardware from vandalism. For efficient irrigation of trees and shrubs delivered throughout the root zone, the Hunter RZWS is the optimal solution.

• Diameter: 2″
• Length: 10″
• Diameter: 3″
• Cap Diameter: 4.75″
• Length: 18″
• Diameter: 3″
• Cap Diameter: 4.75″
• Length: 36″


  • Patented StrataRoot™ baffles divert water to the root zone while adding strength to the unit
  • Durable locking cap
  • Pressure-compensating bubbler
  • Optional HCV check valve
  • Built-in Hunter Swing Joint for direct installation to ½” PVC fitting
  • Pre-assembled watering system for fast installation
  • Warranty period: 2 years

  • Bubbler flow rates: 0.25 or 0.50 GPM
  • Recommended pressure range: 15 to 70 PSI

  • Check valve (HCV)
  • Locking reclaimed purple cap

  • Sleeve: Fabric sleeve that helps prevent soil intrusion in sandy soil. For 18″ and 36″ models. (P/N RZWS-SLEEVE)
  • Replacement snap-on cap for 18” and 36” models (P/N 913300SP)
  • Reclaimed purple snap-on cap for 18” and 36” models (P/N 913300SP)
  • Reclaimed purple cap for 10″ (P/N RZWS10-RCC)

Product Overview