6 Outlet Manifold-EMT-6XERI, Features & Benefits

The 6 Outlet Manifold- EMT-6XERI, from Rain Bird, has a 1/2″ (15/21) FPT inlet that threads onto 1/2″ riser and provides a manifold with six free-flowing 1/4″ barb outlets. Each barb outlet is sealed with a durable plastic cap. Plastic caps remove easily, allowing for a drip area that can be customized with up to six different emission devices. The 6 Outlet Manifold-EMT-6XERI can be used with the EMT-6XERI with Xeri- Bugs, PC Modules, Xeri-Pops, Xeri-Sprays, and Xeri-Bubbler. The operating range pressure is 15 to 50 psi (1,0 to 3,5 bars).