FX LED Replacement Kits

Everything you need to upgrade or replace an FX LED Board. Whether you are accommodating plant growth, adding additional light or just want the latest FX LED technology, the FX LED Replacement Kit has what you need to complete the job.

FX 6LED Board
Announcing the introduction of our new FX 6LED Board.  Equivalent in light output to a 40 watt halogen the FX 6LED board provides over 77% energy savings. With the same footprint as the FX 9LED Board the 6LED Board utilizes the same optics and mounting holes.  It is now available as an option on the NP, PE and VS fixtures.

• ZD 1 LED Replacement Kit*
• ZD 3 LED Replacement Kit*
• ZD 6 LED Replacement Kit*
• ZD 9 LED Replacement Kit*
• ZDC LED Replacement Kit, Medium
• ZDC LED Replacement Kit, Large
• ZDC LED Replacement Kit, Rectangular
• ZD 1 LED Board for LF*

* Includes, Filters, Screws, Reflectors and LED Board