The timer in the FX is simply plugged into receptacle in the PX transformer. The timer switching option provides an automatic method of turning your lighting system on and off at preselected intervals. The pictured timer is currently reading 8 PM and is scheduled to operate starting at 5:30 PM and shut down at 11:30 PM. To change the time of day, manually turn the dial clockwise until the desired time of day is reached.

Two “On/Off” timer settings can be programmed. This is useful for owners who want their lighting system to go off at 11 PM then come back on again in the early morning. To program two “On/Off” settings, place the first green “On” pin at 5 PM (or desired on time). Place the first red “Off” pin at 11 PM (or desired off time). Place the second green “On” pin at 4 AM and the second red “Off” pin at 6 AM. Note: Timer pins represent 30 minute intervals. It is very difficult to perfectly sync multiple transformers with separate timers.



  1. The Manual On/Off Switch is located at the top left corner of the timer. To manually turn the timer on, turn the switch in a counterclockwise manner. To manually switch the timer off, rotate the switch one additional revolution counter- clockwise.
  2. For automatic timer control, set the green pin at the time of day the transformer is to be activated.
  3. Set the red pin at the time of day the transformer is to be shut off.

Timer plus photocell switching option

A popular method of switching your FX lighting system is to install both a timer and a photocell in the transformer. By setting the green pin at 4:00 PM and the red pin at 11:00 PM, your system will automatically turn on at dusk and shut down at 11:00 PM without having to change the timer setting with the changing of the seasons