Waterproof Connectors, Size 22 – Size 12

Waterproof Connectors, Size 22 – Size 12  are specifically designed for landscape lighting applications and low-voltage uses. They feature a “one step” installation. Engineering of the waterproof connectors reduces the risk of fire and are corrosion proof.

Just because wires will fit into a connector, doesn’t mean is the correct connector. Often times electricians will get into a habit of using a particular twist-on connector. Over time, they begin to think that connector is the correct fit for all typical splices.  But not all contractors know that only certain wire combinations have been approved by UL for each individual connector.  Not using the proper size can lead to failed connections, unsuccessful inspections, and unnecessary do-overs. DryConn waterproof connectors are CSA certified and UL Listed – Designation: KYN – See more details here.

Blue/Blue Spec Sheet

Low Voltage Wire Combinations