Rain Bird ESP8-LXMEF-8-Station Sprinkler Controller-Sprinkler Controller with Flow Smart Module

The Rain Bird ESP8LXMEF-8-Station Sprinkler Controller with the Smart Flow Module provides enhanced features for commercial use. The Flow Smart Module™ features the capacity for flow learning, logging, and problem reaction. The Flo-Watch™ protection feature monitors high and low irrigation conditions with user-defined reactions. The ESP-LXD offers the ability to expand from 50 stations to up to 200 stations. So you can handle sites large or small, while stocking fewer controllers and components. The user-friendliness of Extra Simple Programming cuts programming time, while the spacious cabinet and quick-connect terminals make installation a snap. From top to bottom, the Rain Bird ESP8-LXMEF-8-Station Sprinkler Controller is engineered to help you move on to the next job sooner.