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The PolyEZ PVB Enclosure-Model EZ2-2″, (from Hot Box) is designed for backflow prevention assemblies installed outdoors and above ground, to allow code-compliant valve installations. Hot Box offers aluminum and fiberglass material.

Hot Box is the permanent solutions to the problem of protecting your outdoor piping systems. The PolyEZ PVB Enclosure-Model EZ2-2″ is designed to enhance the installation of backflow prevention, pump, and sprinkler assemblies, pressure vacuum breakers, air release valves, etc. in the most economical, accessible location – outside, above ground.

More and more designers, utilities, and contractors are putting the Backflow Preventer “at the curb” to eliminate the problems encountered in equipment rooms (no costly floor space, drainage constraints) and pits (OSHA 29 CFR, parts 1910 flooding, accessibility) Hot Box is the industry leader in valve enclosure design and construction.