Hunter PGV Jar Top Series-1″h Valve-No Flow Control, Plastic Globe, Jar-Top Bonnet

The Hunter PGV Jar Top Series-1″ Valve-No Flow Control, Plastic Globe, Jar-Top Bonnet (Model PGV-100JT-G) is part of a complete line-up of rugged, professional-grade valves designed to handle the full range of landscape needs. This hard working, heavy-duty performer offers you the best features of our top-of-the-line valves…more than enough to handle the rigors of whatever your site has to offer. For smaller landscape applications, the PGV is available in four 1″ body configurations, in either an angle, globe, male x male, or male x barb design.

The The Hunter PGV Jar Top Series-1 inch Valve-No Flow Control, Plastic Globe, Jar-Top Bonnet also offers the added option of the Accu-Sync pressure regulator to maintain a safe, constant water pressure level. In turn, each model is available as either flow control or non-flow control versions.

For larger landscape applications, the PGV comes in both  1 1/2″ and 2″ globe/angle models (with flow control). All models feature durable high-grade construction and a rugged diaphragm with a support to prevent stress failure.


Accu-Sync is designed to avoid sprinkler over-pressure condition. You will experience significant water savings with Hunter’s Accu-Sync pressure regulator. Accu-Sync is a simple pressure regulator designed for all of Hunter’s control valves.

The adjustable model enables the zone pressure to be set anywhere between 20 and 100 PSI, while fixed models remove the guesswork and can be installed throughout any system easily. No matter which model you choose, all zones stay in tune with Accu-Sync.This option is available in adjustable pressure or fixed pressure models.

PGV Jar Top Brochure