The LF is our LED under-the-cap hardscape wall light

The ZDC Compatible LED FX Luminaire LF Wall Light can easily be fitted between a block wall and capstone for a neat, clean installation. Due to its modular bracket design, the LF can even be installed under railings and existing construction.


Finishes include:

  1. Almond
  2. Antique Bronze
  3. Bronze Metallic
  4. Copper-Antique Bronze
  5. Copper-Antique Tumbled
  6. Desert Granite
  7. Flat Black
  8. Flat White
  9. Natural Brass
  10. Natural Brass-Antique Bronze
  11. Natural Brass-Antique Tumbled
  12. Sedona Brown
  13. Stainless Steel
  14. Weathered Iron
  15. White Gloss


  1. FX LF Spec Sheet
  2. FX LF Install Sheet
  3. LED Wall Lights – Warranty