Weathermatic Silver Bullet Series-1″ Valve, with Flow Control, 24VAC

The Weathermatic Silver Bullet Series-1″ Valve, (Model SB-10F) is engineered with “reverse flow” design. If the diaphragm fails, the valve will fail shut rather than open. Conventional forward-flow valves will fail open. It features • Non-rising flow control stem throttles valve from full open to closed position on flow control models.

The Weathermatic Silver Bullet Series-1″ Valve is constructed with a glass-filled, nylon, which provides greater strength over typical PVC valves. It also features a self-cleaning process by the diaphragm flexing during operation, sending debris down the line; eliminating the maintenance worry of filters and screens.

• Diaphragm’s self cleaning ports constantly flex, inhibiting sand and silt from blocking valve action
• Easy-to-use internal manual bleed lever; bleeds valve downstream; has positive stops for open and closed positions
• High-strength glass-filled nylon body and cover with ¼” stainless steel cover bolts and mating brass body inserts
• Marine-grade S20P solenoid with stainless steel actuator
• Molded shock cone for smooth operation and reduction of water hammer
• Reverse flow design for water conservation in the event of failure
• Unique “reverse flow” design permits equal pressure distribution on both sides of the diaphragm, regardless of line pressure, providing zero stress to prevent “stretching,” a common cause of valve failure