Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly-1 1/2″

The Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly-1 1/2″ is designed to provide protection against back siphonage of toxic or non-toxic liquids. They feature a durable bronze body and a check valve and air opening port in one assembly. Maximum Working Pressure: 150 psi (10.3 bar).

This pressure vacuum breaker assembly is used to protect against health hazard and non-health hazard back siphonage conditions in industrial plants, cooling towers, laboratories, laundries, swimming pools, and lawn sprinkler systems.

• Designed for minimum head loss
• End Connections – NPT ANSI/ASME B1.20.1
• Engineered plastic bonnet protect valve bodies from freeze damage
• Lightweight poppet seals air opening under minimum flow conditions
• One check valve and an air opening port in one assembly
• Optional union end ball valves for easy removal and ultimate freeze protection
• Simple service procedures. All internal parts serviceable in line from the top of the unit

• All bronze body for durability
• Assembly is rated to 150 psi working pressure and water temperature from 32°F to 140°F
• Check, poppet and bonnet assembly are constructed of engineered plastic to protect the valve body from freeze damage
• Prevents backflow of contaminated water into the potable water system in backsiphonage conditions
• Single spring loaded check valve which closes tightly when water flow through the assembly drops to zero, and a single air relief valve that opens to break the siphon when pressure drops to 1 psi
• Includes two resilient seated shut-offs and two resilient seated test cocks, considered integral to the assembly

Draining Procedure for Freeze Protection