Aqualine Anti Siphon Vacuum Breaker-3/4″

The Aqualine Anti Siphon Vacuum Breaker-3/4″, is used to prevent contamination of drinking water on non-pressurized lines only. This anti siphon vacuum breaker features true brass construction, durable seals, and prevents back flow of water into potable water lines. Check local and state codes for AVB application. It has an operating pressure up to 150 PSI, and a flow range of 5-140 GPM. It is not designed for constant pressure applications.

This anti siphon vacuum breaker was designed with full size waterways for low pressure loss. It has been tested and listed with the City of Los Angeles, IAPMO and ASSE. Repair kits are available for 3/4′ to 2″ size vacuum breakers.

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