Hunter Solar Sync ET Sensor, Advanced Weather Sensor

The Hunter Solar Sync ET Sensor is great to use in your residential and commercial irrigation system.  The Solar Sync advanced weather sensor calculates evapotranspiration and taking the local weather conditions into consideration adjusts your irrigation system accordingly. The Hunter Solar Sync Sensor measures the sunlight and temperature and determines evaportranspiration to send to your sprinkler irrigation controller. Once the controller gets this information your irrigation system’s on/off time is corrected based on all the information form the Solar Sync sensor.

• Automates daily adjustments to irrigation system controller run times
• Gutter mount bracket is included
• Wired and wireless models available
• Rain and freeze irrigation controller shutoff
• Warranty period: 5 years (10 year battery warranty for wireless model)

• Maximum Distance sensor to module: 200 ft.(wired model) or 800 ft. (wireless model)
• 40 ft of wire included in kit (wired model)
• Solar Sync and Wireless Solar Sync is compatible with Pro-C and PCC controllers
• Solar Sync Sensor and Wireless Solar Sync Sensor are compatible with X-Core, I-Core and ACC controllers
• Rain and Freeze sensor shutdown capability included in sensor


Application Chart