Hunter Remote Controller-ROAM-KIT, Excellent Solution for Mid-Range Use

The Hunter Remote Controller-ROAM-KIT helps contractors control large sites of landscaping in commercial, and residential applications. Contractors need a durable remote that is powerful enough to communicate over long distances. Hunter has answered this call with their ground breaking remotes.

This easy-to-use irrigation controller remote is ideal for irrigation systems at expansive sites. The ROAM Kit features an LCD, and push button operation. With a large LCD and simple push button operation, this remote is tough enough for anything with its sturdy ABS construction, but small enough to fit in your pocket.

• 128 programmable addresses for use with multiple Roam remotes in the same neighborhood
• Designed to work with Hunter X-Core, Pro-C, PCC, I-Core, and ACC controllers through a SmartPort® connection
• Programmable run times: 1 to 90 minutes
• Receiver power source: 24 VAC, 10 mA (provided by controller)
• Run manual watering cycles without modifying regular program• Variable run times to adjust run time without modifying regular program

Included in Kit
• 4 AAA batteries
• SmartPort wiring harness
• Transmitter, receiver


• FCC approved: No FCC license required• Range: 1000 ft. (line of sight)
• Receiver power source: 24 VAC, from controller through a SmartPort connector
• SmartPort connector can be mounted up to 50′ (max.) from controller (use ROAM-SCWH shielded cable wiring harness)
• System operating frequency: 433 MHz band
• System operating frequency: 433 MHz band
• Transmitter power source: 4 AAA batteries (included)

Transmitter and Receiver
• Depth: 1 1/4″
• Height: 7″
• Width: 2 1/4″

Warranty period: 2 years