The Hunter Pro-C Outdoor Controller, Packed with the Most Advanced Features in Residential Control.

The modular design of the Hunter Pro-C Outdoor Controller offers the flexibility to change the number of station outputs (from 3 to 15) at any time. No need to bring along a variety of different-sized controllers to see which one is best for the job. With its ability to customize to the particular size you need (from 3 to 15 stations), the Pro-C will always be the right choice.  A modular system also makes inventory a breeze.  There are only three different units to stock (indoor cabinets, outdoor cabinets and station modules). But, modularity isn’t all this controller has to offer, with great features such as three programs with multiple start times, independent day scheduling options, “one touch” manual start and rapid advance, a programmable event day off, robust heavy-duty locking plastic cabinet, and superior surge protection. The Hunter Pro-C Outdoor Controller delivers maximum flexibility for landscapes that require a minimal number of stations.