G4 LED Replacement Lamp 35 W

The G4 LED replacement lamp is specially engineered with a clear silicon capsule design This LED replacement lamp is economical, energy-efficient and  provides retrofit capabilities for lighting fixtures with a G4 lamp base and has a warm 2,700K color temperature.

Combining the reliability of FX Luminiare with the convenience of two intensities, the G4LED10W (the 10W halogen equivalent) and the G4LED 30W (the 30W halogen equivalent). The G4 LED replacement lamp carries a five-year warranty.

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• Base: G4
• Converts T3 incandescent fixtures to LED
• Compatible with Luxor Low-Voltage Cube (LCM-LV)
• Compatible with any brand of low-voltage fixture that accepts a G4 base
• Silicone encapsulated
• Total Lumens: 76 (1W) / 123 (1.6W)
• Two intensities: 1W and 1.6W (10W and 20W halogen equivalents)
• Warm color temperature: 2,700K




G4 Model Configuration

Factor Installed Options: Order 1 + 2 + 3 + 4

Step   Description   Code
1   Model   G4 ZD35
2   Halogen Equivalent
  10 (10W) Connsumes 1W
  20 (20W) Conssumes 1.8W
3   Color Temperature
  W Warm (2700K)
4   Beam Angle

Step 1 Step 2

FX Incandescent pathlights have a top assembly held into   place by two rubber o-rings (P/N 250010280004). Holding the riser with one hand, gently work the top assembly from side to side to remove.

Once the top assembly is removed the lamp is now visible and the rest is simple.

Step 3 Step 4

Lamps can be hot if they have just recently blown so be careful not to burn your fingers when pulling the old lamp out.

Once removed it’s a good idea to get a visual on the pin holes as not to bend the new lamp pins when installing the replacement.

Output G4LED10W G4LED20W
  Total Lumins   76   123
  Input Voltage   12-15V   12V-15V
  VA Total   1.1   1.7
  Efficacy (Lumens per Watt   93   107
  CRI   83   82
  CBCP   —   —
  Spot (17-20)   —   —
  Dimming   PWM, Phase*   PWM, Phase*
  RGBW Available   No   No
  Luxor Compatability
  Default   —   —
  ZD Option   —   —
  ZDC Option   —   —
  Minimum Rated Life (L70)   33,000 hrs. averag   33,000hrs. average
  * For Optimal performance, use a training edge phase cut dimmer.