Regency 10-2 Lighting Wire (500′ Roll)

This Regency 10-2 Lighting Wire-per foot underground low energy circuit cable is used for outdoor low voltage lighting. Construction consists of stranded un-coated annealed copper conductors, laid parallel and insulated with polyvinyl chloride. Conductor construction is soft drawn bare copper meeting the requirements of ASTM Specification B-3 and B-8. All gauges have stranded conductors.

The two conductors are laid parallel and insulated. A continuous web shall keep the conductors together.

Bunch or rope stranded un-coated annealed copper conforming to UL requirements.

Black polyvinyl chloride conforming to Underwriters Laboratories Class 43 60 Degree thermoplastic, suitable for direct burial. One leg has raised ridges for polarity.

Underwriters Laboratories miscellaneous wire labels. Conforms to the requirements of UL 1838 (Appendix A) for Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Systems.

Plain leg of wire indent printed: “Paige Electric Size AWG 2/C Underground Low Energy Circuit Cable Sunlight Resistant for Outdoor Lighting (UL

Splicing should be accomplished in accordance with the requirements of UL Standard “UL 1838 Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Systems”, Appendix A.

Physically and electrically to Underwriters Laboratories miscellaneous wires. Conductors must be able to be separated without showing copper and must still meet UL minimum wall requirements. Certification by QC that separation test was performed on each reel.


Lighting Wire Detail Sheet