18 Gauge 2-Strand Wire, Excellent for Sprinkler System Wiring

This 18 Gauge 2-strand wire (direct burial multi-strand) is sold by the foot and is ideal for sprinkler system wiring. It is polyethylene insulated and has excellent stress-cracking resistance. This 18 gauge 2-strand wire can be used in wet or dry environments and has a copper conductor. The insulation is a color coded high quality polyvinylchloride (PVC) for systems applications of up to 600 volts and conductor temperatures up to 60° C. The outer jacket is linear low density, high molecular weight, sunlight resistant, polyethylene (PE) with a nylon cord. This single conductor UF Irrigation Wire is manufactured specifically for direct burial power wire applications in accordance with Article 339 of the National Electric Code NFPA-70. It is also The UF constructed in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.


18 Gauge 3-Strand Wire Detal Sheet