Rain Bird ESP12-LXMEF-12-Station Sprinkler Controller

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Rain Bird ESP12-LXMEF-12-Station Sprinkler Controller with Flow Smart Module

The Rain Bird ESP12-LXMEF-12-Station Sprinkler Controller with the Smart Flow Module provides enhanced features for commercial use. The Flow Smart Module™ features the capacity for flow learning, logging, and problem reaction. The Flo-Watch™ protection feature monitors high and low irrigation conditions with user-defined reactions. The large LCD display incorporates soft key text labels for the button functions rather than dedicated buttons. Multiple language support allows the end-user or maintenance personnel to interface with the controller in their primary language. User selectable languages include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. Date, time, and unit formats are also user configurable.

Standard with the Rain Bird® ESP-LXMEF Controller and available as an upgrade to the ESP-LXME Controller, the Flow Smart Module provides flow learning, logging and problem reaction. This innovative tool is also compatible with the IQ™ v2.0 Central Control.


ESP-LXME 12-Station Brochure
ESP-LXME Tech Sheet
Rain Bird Warranty

Additional information

Weight 13.8 lbs


• 6 user-selectable languages

• Dynamic station numbering eliminates station numbering gaps

• Front panel is removable and programmable under battery power

• Hot-swappable modules, no need to power down the controller to add/remove modules

Large LCD display with easy to navigate softkey user interface

• Master valve/pump start circuit

• Non-Volatile (100-year) program memory

• Standard 10kV surge protection

Weather Sensor input with override switch



Alarm light with external case lens

Electronic diagnostic circuit breaker

Program summary and review

Variable test program


Controller Hardware

• 8- or 12-stations base unit expandable to 48 stations with 4-, 8- and 12-Station Modules

• Flow Smart Module™ factory installed or field upgradable

• Optional Metal Case & Pedestal

Plastic, locking, UV resistant, wall-mount case


Water Management

• 365-Day Calendar Day Off

• Cycle+Soak by station

• FloManager manages hydraulic demand, making full use of available water to shorten total watering time

• Flo-Watch protection for high and low flow conditions with user defined reactions

• Global Monthly Seasonal Adjust

• Normally Open or Closed Master Valve programmable by station

• Optional Flow Smart Module with Learn Flow utility and flow usage totalizer

• Program Seasonal Adjust

• Programmable Station Delay by program

• Rain Delay

SimulStations™ are programmable to allow up to 5 stations to operate at the same time

• Weather Sensor programmable by station to prevent or pause watering

Water Windows by program plus Manual MV Water Window