Rain Bird ESP-4SMTeI-Indoor Sprinkler Controller

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Rain Bird ESP-4SMTeI-Indoor Sprinkler Controller-Modular Indoor Smart Control

The Rain Bird ESP-4SMTeI-Indoor Sprinkler Controller has enhanced programming, making it easier than ever to program your sprinkler system. The ESP ME Indoor controller now has a higher station count from 4 to 22 stations that can better serve residential to light commercial sprinkler systems. The Rain Bird ESP-4SMTeI-Indoor Sprinkler Controller has new features including delay watering time, bypassing rain sensor by station, one-touch watering, seasonal adjust by program, total run time calculator, and contractor default. Included in the 4 station connector if you need more stations the ESP-Me controller is backwards compatible with the ESP-M 3 station expansion modules and now with a 6 station expansion module you can control more stations than ever. Program up to 4 different programs and 6 start times.



Additional information

Weight 9.15 lbs
Dimensions 10.7 × 7.7 × 4.4 in


Tailored Watering Schedules
Extra Simple Programming makes it easy for your crew to meet each landscape’s unique needs. With the controller up and running faster than ever before, you’ll get more jobs done in less time.

Single-Controller Simplicity 
Forget training crews to install different controllers. The ESP-Me can do it all, saving you valuable time and labor costs. The scalability of the ESP-Me and the choice of installing either 3- or 6-station modules mean more flexibility and a competitive edge.

Delay Watering
Is Mother Nature doing the watering for you? Are you having a party and want to make sure the landscape is dry? Easily postpone irrigation for up to 14 days. Normal irrigation will resume automatically.

Bypass Rain Sensor by Station
Got a landscaped area under an eave or deck? Bypass the rain sensor for that station(s)—or for the entire landscape.

Seasonal Adjust by Program
When the seasons change, change with them. Reduce watering down to as little as 5 percent of your scheduled program times or increase it up to 200 percent. Apply to all programs or to each program individually.

Total Run Time Calculator by Program
Calculate the specific amount of time the controller is scheduled to run for a given program. Use it to ensure morning watering is finished before the family wakes up, or reduce your run time to comply with water restrictions.

Short Detect/Programming Errors
The ESP-Me visually notifies you of electrical and programming issues with a bright red LED and scrolling messages across the LCD display.

One-Touch Watering
Need an easy way to turn on the system? The ESP-Me offers one-touch watering. With the dial in the AUTO position, just press and hold the right teardrop arrow button.

Contractor Default™
Prevent callbacks with Contractor Default™. Simply save your programs after setup. If the original watering schedule is overwritten in error, easily restore it in just two steps.

User-Friendly Rain Bird Design
Featuring vibrant colors, an intuitive dial and a bright LCD display, the new ESP-Me is easy on the eyes. And with legendary Extra Simple Programming and the Rain Bird reliability you trust, it’s the same easy setup, just better.


• 4 Stations included in base model

• Expandable up to 22 zones using ESPSM3 Three Zone Expansion Modules, or ESPSM6 Zone Expansion Modules


Operating Specifications

• Max operating temperature: 149°F (65°C)

• Seasonal Adjust; 5% to 200%

• Station timing: 1 minute to 6 hours


Electrical Specifications

• Idle/Off power draw 0.06 amps at 120VAC

• Input required: 120 VAC ± 10%, 60Hz (International models; 230/240 VAC ± 10%, 50/60Hz )

• Master Valve/Pump Start Relay Operating Voltage: 24VAC 50/60Hz Max Coil Inrush: 11VA Max Coil Holding: 5VA

• Output: 25.5 VAC 1A

• Power back-up not required. Nonvolatile memory permanently saves the current programming and a 10 year life lithium battery maintains the controllers time and date during power outages.



• UL, cUL, CE, CSA, C-Tick, FCC Part 15b, WEEE, S-Mark, IP24