Rain Bird ESP-4SMTeI-Indoor Sprinkler Controller-Modular Indoor Smart Control

The Rain Bird ESP-4SMTeI-Indoor Sprinkler Controller has enhanced programming, making it easier than ever to program your sprinkler system. The ESP ME Indoor controller now has a higher station count from 4 to 22 stations that can better serve residential to light commercial sprinkler systems. The Rain Bird ESP-4SMTeI-Indoor Sprinkler Controller has new features including delay watering time, bypassing rain sensor by station, one-touch watering, seasonal adjust by program, total run time calculator, and contractor default. Included in the 4 station connector if you need more stations the ESP-Me controller is backwards compatible with the ESP-M 3 station expansion modules and now with a 6 station expansion module you can control more stations than ever. Program up to 4 different programs and 6 start times.