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ZD MR-16 LED Drop-In Lamp

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ZD MR-16 LED Drop-In Lamp

The ZD MR-16 LED Drop-In Lamp is a convenient high-quality LED lamp.  The ZD MR-16 is available in two intensities, four beam angle options, and two color temperatures. Fully potted, it carries a five-year warranty.

With the new ZD MR-16, the Luxor Controller can now zone and dim other brands of low-voltage incandescent light fixtures. The ZD MR-16 is a convenient high-quality drop-in LED lamp that converts incandescent fixtures to energy-efficient LED fixtures. When connected to a Luxor ZD transformer, the ZD MR-16 adds zoning, dimming, and Wi-Fi control capabilities to any brand of low voltage incandescent landscape lighting fixtures.


ZD MR-16 Brochure
ZD MR-16 Spec Sheet


ZD MR-16



ZD MR-15 Model Configuration

Factor Installed Options: Order 1 + 2 + 3

Step Description Code
1   Model   MR-16 ZD
2   Halogen Equivalent
  20 (20W)
  35 (35W)
3   Color Temperature
  W Warm (2700K)
  C Cool (3900K)
4   Beam Angle
  VN Very Narrow (10°)
  NF Narrow Flow (25°)
  FL Flood (35°)
  WF Wide Flood (60°)
  EXAMPLE: MR-16 ZD-20-W-VN = MR-16 ZD - 20W - Warm(2700K) - Very Narrow (10°)


Field Installed Options: Order Individually

  Model   Description
  250015260000   Hex Baffle
  RRMR16   Recessor Ring
  250015170000   Frosted Lens
  250013550000   Spread Lens
  250015240000   Solite Spread Lens
Beam Angle FL-Flood (35°), NF-Narrow Flood (25°), VN-Very Narrow (10°), WF-Wide Flood (60°)
Lamp 20W, 35W